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Our products stay with us from creation to completion. As a result, they are well known for their accuracy, durability and security – all designed to comply with Australian standards.

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Our Industries

We design products to suit different requirements.


Products designed specifically for inflating tyres used throughout the aviation industry.av网站免费线看


Products designed specifically for inflating high pressure tyres used in the industry.


Products designed for specific requirements for military and defence maintenance and contractors.


Digital inflation systems that are engineered specially for the mining and earthmoving industries.

Service Station

Digital Tyre Inflators for Service or Petrol Stations.


Digital Tyre Inflators for Workshops and Tyre Retailers.


Digital inflators, hoses and fittings, designed to support and improve tyre maintenance specifically for the agriculture industry.


Digital inflators in order to get an accurate standard pressure in balls used for competitions and practice games.